Investment casting (lost wax casting) is an industrial process, which is closely controlled at every stage of production. Each casting shipped - it is applied equally to orders for a dozen casting or half a million can be relied up on to meet the customer's/ designer's performance parameters / specification agreed in the contract.

Quality Control

The word " Quality " implies desirability of the product and conformance to particular characteristics which provide suitability for a particular purpose. Suitability means degree of conformance to specifications or standards specified by our reputed customers in the respective contracts / orders.

About Our Company..!

J K Metals has a strong technical background in the investment castings technology with a qualified, experienced and technically talented team of Engineers.

The company has been built casting technology and engineering excellence... crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and constant objectives to strengthen long term business association with valued customers in the global market.

We also manufacturer & exporter of Brass , Copper and Bronze customized components and parts. Wide array of turned , forged , forged machine , cast metal and fastener components applies to Electrical & Electronics , Automobiles, Plastic Moulding , Construction , Industrial and Engineering Applications based at Jamnagar, India.

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